Buy Sexy Lingerie Australia – The Different Types to Buy Online


Why lingerie is thought to be sexier than usual wear? And to start with, the word 'Lingerie' itself sounds very extravagant. It portrays a vision of femininity, power, and confidence.

It is very confusing to buy several different styles of lingerie on the market. But getting it right will empower you, give you a boost of confidence, and increase your level of sexual prowess.

If you are looking to buy sexy lingerie in Australia, we at Lingerie Seduction offer a wide range of lingerie collections in several styles and colors. Our luxury European lingerie range is available in stunning quality and luxe fabrics. From open cups to lace bras and sexy bustiers, we decode the different types of lingerie you need to buy to start your lingerie collection!

Types of Sexy Lingerie Australia

Preparing for a fun night out begins with the feeling of confidence in your body. There are so many different types of sexy lingerie to buy on offer from camisoles to corsets and all the options between these. They can hug all your curves and boost your confidence level.

Here are its types -

The Corset

Corsets are typically made up of one piece. Most of the time it includes both bones for strength and support and laces for adjusting the correct fit. They are a great way to manipulate your curves and make you look more voluptuous. A corset covers the area above the hip bone up to just under the breasts. It pulls in your waists tight and accentuates the hips and breast shapes. The corset introduces a classical look and you will love the way it exaggerates all your curves.


It's a lingerie style that is in between a corset and a bra and accentuates the bust nicely. They lift the breasts giving an impression of a bigger and fuller breast line. They are perfect for ladies with smaller cup sizes. The overall design of the bustier provides the wearer with an overall hourglass contour. If you are looking to create an impression of a thinner smaller waistline then this is for you.


This lingerie type is very seductive and tantalizing. Also known as the body, the teddy is a one-piece style that accentuates your figure to look longer than it is. The material stretches from the shoulders down to the crotch acting as a built-in brief. Teddy lingerie comes in various materials including silk, mesh, cotton, and lace. They conform to your body shape and enhance all your natural curves. They give a very sexy look exaggerating your hip area. Out of all the different lingerie styles, teddies are the sexiest and most teasing. If you are confident in your figure, then a teddy can be the most flattering lingerie to wear.

If you think buying a sexy lingerie in Australia is going to be easy, think again. It's not just buying a pair of matching bras or panties. Lingerie is a name for several different styles and types of underwear. That's why we have created this master guide on how to buy sexy lingerie online with so many different styles and types of lingerie available.

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